Sunday, July 5, 2009

A LONG, GLORIOUS EXPOSURE - "Love Exposure" reviewed and my NYAFF wrap-up

oly Maria indeed! My very first New York Asian Film Fest came to a close Friday evening with the epic 4-hour screening of Sion Sono's uber masterpiece on love, faith, fighting, and up-skirt photography, "Love Exposure."
It is a breath of super cool fresh air, my friends. A film that will get tongues wagging and eyes bulging for a long time to come, and is once again the place for my review. It plays one more show this Tuesday, July 7th, so if you're in the NYC area, get yer ass to Japan Society in Manhattan! UPDATE - It just won the Grand Jury Prize! HOORAY!

Also be sure to check out my coverage on Feng Xiaogang's "If You Are the One" - all time champion of the Chinese box office - as well as full coverage on a host of films by some fine writers and cinephiles. The NYAFF ends today at Japan Society, but a few more Japanese films play under the society's "Japan Cuts" banner until July 12th.

My "Love Exposure" review.
My "If You Are the One" review.
Full Twitch coverage on NYAFF 09.
NYAFF website


thejamminjabber said...

Great review (I read it over at Twitch.) I had requested to review this one myself, but was not lucky enough to receive the assignment. Good thing. Doubt I could have done a better job.

Ben said...

Well thanks very much! I was hoping it wouldn't be perceived as a merry spew of hyperbole tenfold.

I didn't even request it initially, I just told Todd I was going to the screening so I'd write a review. From what I understand no one was actually assigned the film since I don't think they were doing screeners.

Did you get a chance to see it Friday? Or perhaps you'll be at tomorrow's show...

thejamminjabber said...

Not at all.

I did not get a chance to see it. It kind of makes sense that there were no screeners. If I had know that, maybe I would have bought a ticket. Oh well. Hopefully someone will put it out on DVD.

thejamminjabber said...

gonna be in Austin for Fantastic Fest and Love Exposure is playing. gonna try and catch it there.