Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In the year 2009: 3 to watch

It has become apparent (to no one but me) that perhaps a regular feature or two on here might be good, and since there are some exciting and eclectic films from around the world on the new year's horizon, why not feature them here, show a little love. So today I'll talk about three films that are of particular interest to me... and hopefully that interest will extend to you.

1) Winner of the Un Certain Regard award at this year's Cannes festival, Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Tokyo Sonata is set for a limited release in the U.S. on March 13th through Regent Releasing. I was hoping for the film to make an appearance theatrically this year but it is still making waves at many late year fests. So if you have an opportunity to catch it early, do so.
K. Kurosawa, known for his detective and horror films such as Cure, tackles seemingly different material here, as Tokyo Sonata charts the disintegration of a Japanese family after the father loses his job. Though there are no ghosts or serial killers here, the film still appears to be classic K. Kurosawa as it explores themes of emotional detachment and decline in that of the Japanese male.

And yes, here is the trailer.

2) Austrian director Gotz Spielmann's Revanche made the festival rounds this past year, and is Austria's official entry in the Foreign Language category at the Oscars.
The film, on paper sounds like a typical crime thriller, but through an intimate and isolated rural setting and the collision of different worlds, it looks to be a brooding and meditative piece on the state of revenge and obsession.

Check out the masterfully cut trailer at the official site.

3) Erik Poppe's DeUsynlige currently has no known release dates outside of it's native Norway, but with a possible American remake on the way (shudder) one can only hope that the original will get released, somewhere, somehow next year for more to see.
It promises to be a strikingly original Nordic treat, and I do not throw any of those words around lightly (especially Nordic).
If you don't believe me just go and explore the official website (In Norwegian but easy to navigate).

Writing silly plot synopsis and linking is a lot harder than I thought. But when looking at these films I think it is safe to polish off that old saying - "A picture speaks a thousand words."
Or rather 24 pictures a second...

Nuff' said.

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