Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Swedish Vampires, Swedish Singers and the Mississippi Delta, OH MY!

These are the things that occupy my mind at the moment.

Swedish Vampires = the film Let The Right One In

I'll being seeing this soon enough in NYC and can not wait.
The film has been getting a lot of attention this year at fests around the globe including Toronto. It is in limited release right now in the states, expanding by a few cities weekly.

So the story? Oskar, a 12 year old who's a regular target for bullies, befriends the new neighbor girl, Eli only to find out that well... she is a vampire. Blood and mayhem sprinkled with awkward adolescent love in the biting cold of the Swedish winter ensue.

Check out the trailer here.

Apparently the Swedish musician, Lykke Li is very popular. I had no idea who she was and to be frank when I first heard her I was very torn... Liked a lot of the melodies and instrumentation but wasn't crazy about what she was doing vocally. Since a day has passed I've grown more fond of her voice and debut album Youth Novels. Though sometimes lyrically trite, the songs exude an ethereal, atmospheric chamber pop sound mixed with catchy electronic beats and an Ennio Morricone edge.

Take a listen over on her myspace.

Now back to movies. Ballast from director Lance Hammer, won the awards for directing and cinematography at Sundance this year, was pretty much unanimously cited as the best film of the fest and then found no distributor. Bummer, because the trailer knocked me for a loop.
The film centers around a small Mississippi town ship and the aftermath of a suicide.
Luckily the filmmakers took matters into their own hands and the film is slowly making its way around the U.S. Check the official website for screening info and to take a gander at that trailer!


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